Tank Farm and Injection Station Predesti

New gas plant for collecting, separating and measuring  the gas production from 15 wells in Predesti field, and the water injection station at well # 86 Pitul


Company in the Oil & Gas industry, Asset II, Oltenia

Type of Contract:



  • engineering
  • access roads
  • civil works (foundations for skids, tanks, pumps, containers)
  • installation of 4 test skids for measuring the gas production
  • installation of 1 water tank for 100 cubic meters
  • installation of water pumps
  • piping
  • electrical works (power supply, earth connections, lighting)
  • instrumentation with remote transmission
  • commissioning

Current status:

completed around 35 %, in time and budget


  • gas 170565 normal m3/day, at 40 bars
  • gas 132000 normal m3/day, at 15 bars
  • water 42 m3/day, at 100bars
Project Impressions
Bild2  Tank farm 3  tank farm 4  tank farm 5

Predesti field,

 Dolj County,

South West Romania

Duration: January 2011 - November 2011